Book Opinion Needed: "When Two Become One"

Has anyone read this book and, if so, is it Catholic friendly?

When Two Become One by The McCluskeys

oh and you may wonder why I’m asking this question when I obviously have a quote from the book in my signature. I found that quote while randomly flipping through the book in a store once, so I don’t know much about the book other than that one line I found :stuck_out_tongue:

Have not read it, but it sounds like from one of the reviews, it does not talk about birth control and it stresses the bigger dimension of sex in conformity with the Church’s teaching that it is not just physical and its important to communicate. As long as you have a good foundation in sexual morality through books like Good News About Sex and Marriage by West. Many Christian books may have some acceptable ideas, but still teach things that are wrong. SInce I have never read this book, I cannot fully endorse it in the sense I do not know if is with Church’s teaching, but I say if you are well armed with the truth, than you can see if it does and whether or not you would recommend it to other couples.

I have ordered a cheap, used copy and look forward to getting it in the mail! The quote in my signature is just so cool. I hope the book as a whole carries that message. As I will hopefully be well armed (with red pen HAHA), i will read through it with an open mind and a faithful heart, hopefully being able to pick out things (if any) that are not worth remembering, so to speak. thanks!

I like your other line in the signature as well … regarding the covenant! Awesome!

Got that from a catholic answers podcast :smiley: and someday I hope to live by it!!

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