Book Question Please Answer

I found several copies of this book at the foyer of our church here this morning at Mass. I was wondering if anyone has heard of it, maybe read it, and if so what did they think about it? The book is called “The Holy Spirit - Keys To The Kingdom” by Gary Carroll.

I’ve never read or heard of this book before (sorry! :o ). From a quick google search, it doesn’t appear that the author is Catholic. This link appears to have the full text of the book, so you could peruse it and see if anything is wrong with it. I did a quick word search and the word “Catholic” does not appear at all (which may mean that at least the book is not some anti-Catholic tract).

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the book, but inside of a Catholic Church seems a questionable place for it. With all the wealth of specifically Catholic books that are out there, at the very least, it would seem unnecessary to promote non-Catholic books. Not that it means there’s anything wrong with the book, and in another context it might be perfectly fine, but I would question what it’s doing in the back of a Catholic Church.

Ask your Priest if he approved the distrobution of the books. If he did not, he will have them removed, if he did, then, he approves of you reading them.

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