Book Question - The Emergent Christ by Ilia Delio

My wife has had the book The Emergent Christ by Ilia Delio recommended to her. Has anyone read this book or does anyone know if it is in keeping with Catholic teaching or not?

Many thanks.

Watching some of her videos on youtube should answer your question.
For me, the words the hostess used for the sign of the cross — “In the name of creation, and of the Son…” said a whole lot about the type of message they were anxious and expecting to hear from Sr. Ilio. Listening briefly to her talk only confirmed my first impression. But, judge for yourself and see if you find it expressing the teachings of the Church contained in the Catechism – or just a bunch of …

Thanks very much. Much appreciated.

Sounds a bit like Sr. Elizabeth Johnson’s “Quest for the Living God”, in which God is both living, incapable of explanation or classification, as well as apparently transgendered.

You’re welcome.
Just google some of her talks on youtube and listen to them. I can only tolerate a couple minutes of that kind of stuff anymore. (Getting crochety in my old age!) Had wanted to give the link to the first one I started to listen to, but couldn’t find it when I wanted to go back to it and copy the link. Don’t know if it was one of the later parts to the talk I did provide a link to.

Watching her youtube presentations makes me realise that a non-scientist should not talk above her depth otherwise all you start to hear is the gurgling of a drowning person no one in the room wants to save. Her facile quantum-lite seems to have little to add to the great tradition of Catholic learning.
I look at other preachers in the great Franciscan tradition and sometimes get very worried about the American Church.


“Quantum mysticism” is the latest salvo from the New Age movement. Like everything else from that movement, it belongs in a garbage bag, even if they throw the name “Christ” around to give themselves a veneer of respectability. :stuck_out_tongue:

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