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I put this here because I am hoping some of our protestant brother’s could tell me about a author. My parents God bless them sent be a book by Warren W. Wiersbe. It is Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the New Testament. I hate to assume anything. My folks are not to happy about my deciding to convert to the CC after being raised a Conservative Baptist. Those are there words not mine. I intend to read it regardless but does anyone know much about this Wiersbe? I know this will be a re wakening of theology I grew up on. Just looking for info on this fella. Thanks.

Everything I’ve ever heard from or about Warren Wiersbe is good. He used to be on the radio. I don’t think he is anti-Catholic. I think he’s got God given wisdom. He’s a very good Bible teacher.

Thanks. I guess I’ll see what I think as I read him.

Wiersbe is a very conservative Protestant Bible scholar. Anything I know about him is from relatives who are Baptists, who like him very much…(I have one book of his, and have yet to read it, after some years of considering it).
So I am no expert! But I would say that, as long as you remain aware of the fact that he has a definite viewpoint that is different from yours, that his conservative approach to Scriptures is a good thing; he wants folks to know & study the Bible. Just don’t let yourself forget that, as I say, he has his own viewpoint of Bible interpretation.
Your family mean well, of course, & perhaps the very fact that you read his writing will give you a chance to express the fact that you can appreciate WW’s love & respect for the Bible will reassure them about your own faith.
On the other hand, if you encounter any anti-Catholic material, you can always pencil in the margins where you feel he is mistaken. Or just leave off reading at that point…

Hope this (:ofairly:o muddled) thoughts are of some help to you…

Not protestant and haven’t read him, so perhaps I have little to contribute to your thread here workingman-- But I wonder if this might interest you?

Thanks. Your thoughts are no more muddled that mine in the op. Ya should be interesting as I have wondered far from my Baptist upbringing (got a love my well meaning Baptist family). I love a good Bible Scholar differing view points or not.

Hay thanks for the link. I saw the wikipedia link when I googled him but seemed dry. Thanks again though.

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