Book Recomendations on Sanctifying Life and the Home


Here's the situation. Two of my (protestant) sisters are pregnant. Both will have the baby baptized, and while I normally give newborns a rosary and book on the saints, I've had the idea this time to give each mother (and father) a book on living out the Christian year.

However, as these parents are protestant I don't want to scare them TOO much, but also want to include the celebrations of Mary. I have to walk the thin line between the two extremes of uber-traditional (especially books I've found that use too much Catholic 'jargon' that they won't understand) and buying them a protestant book that lacks real substance, tradition, and most of all our Blessed Mother. I'd love for them to realize their faith can be lived in their home in a very real and holy way. I want them to learn about the Domestic Church and the holy cycle of Christ's life. They have NEVER been introduced to this concept (I wasn't, until I converted).

I've introduced them to some things; the idea of house blessings, certain traditions at Easter, and St. Nicholas Day has become a favorite holiday of ours, but I want more than the traditional celebrations (a big part to be sure though) I want them to learn about the spiritual side of all of this.

Any suggestions? Everything I've found so far is too far in one of the extremes above. (I have quite a bit of time, but if I can't find what I want I'm going to have to write it myself and that'll take even more time).


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