Book recommendation help

Can anyone recommend a good book on discerning a religious vocation for a woman? TY!

Hmm…no idea. Sorry, but as a man Ive never looked into the nunhood…
But ill pay for your discernment!

Is that like paying for indulgences?

Not really, it just means ill pray that she is shown God’s will and correctly assesses and acts on her vocation.

Hi R.D.,

I can’t think of any books right now for a gal. Do you have a spiritual director R.D.? Have you spoken to any religious orders at all yet. Sometimes the best idea is to just go on a weekend visit or something like that.

And do you go to Eucharistic Adoration? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to help. God Bless!!

(I think a spiritual director can be a key help.)

I’m in the process of seeking a spiritual director. And yes I’m in adoration daily, daily mass, etc. I’m on the right track. I was just hoping to find some good material about discernment. Going through this process can be very lonely and confusing.

There is not necessarily “only one” book on discernment… but I will share what I was encouraged to do when I was discerning (both as a younger vocation to an active order and now later as an older vocation to a cloistered order)

  1. Make use of any vocation groups or retreats in your area that you can. You are right it can be a bit lonely and of course forums by themselves only go so far… Get involved with like minded young people at the very least a youth or college group. Make contact with various religious… get to know them. Whatever you do don’t isolate yourself…

  2. Read various saints biographies, this may help you to find the spirituality that attracts you the most… and of course read scripture…

  3. Have you connected with any online vocation websites? or magazines there are many out there and some have forums and lists of retrreats and come and see opportunities

To name a few:

  1. Institute on Religious Life



  4. USCCB website

Bottom line… find a specific person you can share your journey with that helps immensely

Blessings and we pray daily as a community for all discerning relgious life as well as for all those in formation

Sr. Debbie OSC

Thanks so much! I actually pray vespers everyday at the Poor Clares Monastery near me, they are a wonderful community.

How wonderful! I am sure the sisters near you would be more than happy to recommend a book or two. Also the websites I mentioned have various books to recommend on their website. It is difficult to name only one or two books as everyone’s journey is so individual. The most important thing, in addition to developing a solid devotional life of your own is to connect with like minded people.

Blessings on your Journey!
Sr. Debbie OSC

This book has been used by women who later became nuns.
I’ve read it and it’s brilliant. I really feel it is brilliant for anyone discerning a religious vocation

It’s called ‘To save a thousand souls’ by fr Brett (available on for ebook download, where you can read it on your laptop or phone, or tablet, or kindle, -because the kindle reading app is free,

It is the BEST BOOK FOR DISCERNING A RELIGIOUS VOCATION out there. I have read a few.

Just to say, it is specifically aimed at souls looking at diocesan priesthood, BUT it testifies in the book that a few women read it and it helped them decide to be nuns.

The same concepts apply-it WILL help you discern a religious vocation. I do not think there is a better book out there.

Two other books would be:
‘the Jesuits Guide to almost everything’
‘god’s voice within’ by Fr Mark

(The above two books tell simply about st Ignatius of Loyola’s development of how to discern ANY decision in life, but more importantly how to discern your vocation! These books are VERY useful.
I do not think you will find better than these three books.

You can download the ebooks of them on

Yes, but she said for a woman. I LOVE Fr. Brett’s book, in fact it is right next to me on my table as I type this, but its subtitle is “A guide to discerning the diocesan priesthood”.
But, have you guys read anything by St Therese of Avilla? Or any nun? Those writings are good for all but especially good for women wanting to join a religious order.

Thank you for the book help and recs. I’ve been working with a SD and that has been a great help to me as well.

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