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Can anyone please recommend a good book with Catholic perspective that discusses the the divine and human natures of Christ Jesus. I already have Frank Sheed’s Theology and Sanity.

Has anyone read this book?…456925-7513763


Has anyone read this book?



Here is a great one - On the Unity of Christ by Saint Cyril of Alexandria. You may be able to find the text of this and some of his other works online.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria is the great Doctor of the Church who opposed Nestorius (who taught there was only one nature in Christ). If you want a foundation work on this subject, Saint Cyril of Alexandria is your author.


The Christ of Faith by German theologian Karl Adam is exhaustive and very much recommended.


The Titles of Jesus in Christology: Their History in Early Christianity (Library of Theological Translations) (Paperback)
by Ferdinand Hahn (Author), Harold Knight (Translator), George Ogg (Translator)


With respect, Nestorius taught that Christ had two natures that were completely distinct and sperate. The teaching had Christ’s human and divine nature completely seperate as opposed to being in union.



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BTW has anyone read To Know Christ Jesus by Sheed. Does it discuss Christological aspects? Is it and the others you have suggested recommended for the average layman? I think I am a better reader than I actually am. :rolleyes:


Sorry… the above link in the OP doesn’t work. It is:
Who Is Jesus?: An Introduction to Christology by Thomas P. Rausch


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