Book Recommendations for 15 year old girl


I’m looking to get books/cds/etc. for a niece who is going to celebrate her 15th birthday. I hope to get catholic/christian books promoting chastity.

Any Suggestions?

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Not specifically Christian, but I will be giving my daughters Dr. Laura’s Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives.

And my sons will be getting her Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives.


I, personally, would steer clear of Dr. Laura, but that’s just me.

Theology of the Body for Beginners
Ballad of the White Horse
Murder in the Cathedral
The Place Within: The Early Years
The Path to Rome
The Betrothed
The Joyful Mysteries of Life
Letters to a Young Catholic

And Leaflet Missal has a great selection:
Popular reading
Prayer and Devotional
Self Help
Spirituality and Prayer


I agree with the previous poster. I love Dr. Laura, but I’d steer clear of her for a 15 year old. I’d introduce her books closer to 18 or when she was in a serious relationship.


Anything by Mary Beth Bonacci.


Some books that are excellent for a girl of her age are:
Serious books:
Passion and Purity
The St. Joseph Promise (Giving this to all of my kids when they reach puberty)
Bishop Sheen’s talk on "Youth and Sex"
The Privilege of Being a Woman

Tides of Danger
Rebecca (by Daphne de Maurier)
Grace Livingston Hill is a good old author (a little preachy, but clean) Emily Loring is fun and clean
I also love Grace S. Robinson who has a great idea of family life and the roles of men and women

God bless you!!!


See Theresa Drake

A very nice romance novel about a Catholic teen. Modesty is esp. emphasized.


Theology of the Body For Teens :thumbsup:

Letters to a Young Catholic


May I suggest my novels? Not overtly Catholic, but it’s in there!

If you want to see what other teenagers say about my novels, there is a link on that website.

The main character in the 2nd novel is a fifteen year-old girl. In fact, the opening chapter describes her fifteenth birthday.


I love the book “Arms of Love” by Carmen Marcoux

It is a novel that promotes Chastity and is a love story. It really changed my life and the way I thought about things as I was reading it. I was praying more and living better all because of this story even though I already knew the facts, this book showed me an example to live by. It is a very Catholic book though discussing Sacraments, adoration and I am not sure it would be appropriate for someone who isn’t Catholic, just a slight caution. Good Luck


The whole point of the two books I mentioned is to educate young people about the pitfalls they might fall into when having relationships, how to recognize and avoid them. What would be the point of waiting until they are already in a relationship before educating them about what to look for that they may want to avoid? :confused:

I’m not talking here about her Proper Care and Feeding Books…these are much earlier, and I think appropriate to help teens learn how to be discerning about the directions youthful relationships can go. And how to avoid those relationships that will lead you down paths you don’t want to go on.


I dislike Dr. Laura and her approach. I also feel that perhaps her teachings might confuse a young Catholic. There are plenty of others books out there for Catholic teens.


Though they are marketed to slightly younger girls, I really enjoyed the “Life of Faith” series. There’s the reworked stories of Elsie Dinsmore (minus the anti-Catholic rhetoric) who holds tight to her faith and follows her beliefs even when it’s not in her best interest. Violet Travillia, Elsie’s daughter who grows up to be an advocate for the poor and stands for justice. Millie Keith, Elsie’s cousin who is a spunky pioneer girl and anti-abolitionist. And Laylie Colbert, a single book about a young slave girl who finds the greatest freedom of all is knowing Jesus Christ.

There might be some concerns with Martha Finley’s work, as the orginial novels were somewhat anti-Catholic and had some “oddness” to them, but the reworked series by Mission City Press has none of that and stories that girls and women of all ages can relate to! And, relevant to your niece’s birthday, Violet, Elsie and Millie all court and marry during their series. :slight_smile:

Another thought…have you thought of getting her a purity ring if chasitity is something you’d like to impress upon her? I knew several girls who wore them when I was a teenager and they had a great sense of pride about wearing them.


I don’t think giving a girl a chastity ring is a good idea, unless she has decided to make the pledge herself.

What about a subscription to the Catholic teen magazine True Girl?


Even if you don’t like Dr. Laura’s radio personality, give her books a chance, please.

The Ten Stupid Things books are fantastic. I think that any young teenager would benefit from reading this book. So many young women get mixed up with losers and really train-wreck their life before they even get started. I know one right now, a 15 year-old, due any minute, and she plans to leave her family, move in with this boy, and they will live happily ever after with the baby. No education, no job, no money–but she claims that they love each other and they will make it work. I hope so, but odds are against them.

My sister-in-law has made three stupid mistakes when it comes to men–two failed marriages and one on the rocks, and now she has three children, including a two year old with cancer. I wish that she had read Dr. Laura’s books, because every one of her “mistakes” is listed. Pehaps she still would have gone ahead and blundered through anyway, but perhaps the books would have stopped her from making those mistakes.

Dr. Laura’s books are extremely practical. With all due respect, I think that many young women will be turned off by a “church” approach, which they will interpret as “because the Church says so, that’s why!” That’s not going to be good enough for a lot of teenagers.

Dr. Laura’s books explain the cold, hard reality of making relationship mistakes.

Go check one out at the library or sit and read it at Barnes and Noble before you make a decision.


many Catholic publishers have books specifically to help a girl prepare for her quincenera (15th birthday celebration), an event in the Hispanic community wherein a girl recalls and reflects on the meaning of her baptism, the rights and duties of mature womanhood and so forth. They are in both English and Spanish, usually in the form of a journal/workbook, and invite her to explore the relevant issues, including but not limited to sexuality, in the light of Church teaching and moral decision making. Our Sunday Visitor is one, there are other good ones.


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