Book recommendations for a questioning Muslim

My daughter’s friend is Muslim, but attends our school where the Catholic faith is taught. She has been asking for books to get to know more about God, and the Catholic faith in general. So far I have given her a talk by Scott Hahn, “Abba or Allah”, the book “From Islam to Christ”, and a couple of EWTN interviews with an expert on Islam. But she wants more. I was thinking about Trent Horn’s “Why we’re Catholic” next. I would welcome any other suggestions.

It may sound too obvious, but I would start by giving her a copy of a single Gospel (I’d go for Luke myself). That’s a very manageable amount of reading which will teach her the most about Jesus.

Thanks for your suggestion. She already has a good bible, but she has asked for a book about about God (I know, that’s what the Bible is, but I’m trying to be accomodating)
She’s very intelligent, so any book written for an adult would be fine (she’s 16).

The Catechism Of The Catholic Church .

Thanks. She has access to the CCC as well.

She’s interested in reading about our relationship with God, as a Father. I seem to remember Peter Kreeft writing a book like that, but I’m not sure.

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Peter Kreeft’s Fundamentals of the Faith is one of his best, and one of my favorites. The short chapters on comparative religions, including Islam, are very respectful regarding the other faiths while still showing how, from our Christian perspective, these other religions fall short. In his reflections on the creed, he briefly but effectively explains our trinitarian understanding of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I always find Kreeft’s examples and cultural references fresh (even though this book is now 30 years old), probably because he teaches and therefore must connect with college-aged students.

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Aquinas wrote Summa Contra Gentiles to reach folks like your Mohammedan friend.

That’s it! Thanks a lot!

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Your comment is neither helpful, nor respectful. I don’t have a “Mohammedan friend”.

I shouldn’t even qualify your absurd comment with an answer.

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