Book Recommendations for Teens/Young Adults Questing Faith


I’ve had quite a few conversations with teens and young adults recently who are questioning/doubting their faith and seem to be generally drifting through life with no real focus or direction. I would love to have an arsenal of books to draw from that I could give to these folks that might provide just a little spark to their faith and possibly getting them to think a little more about their life and future.

Anyone have any books they’ve used or read that might fit the bill? Remember the age group. I’m thinking Confessions by St. Augustine and Mere Christianity from CS Lewis may be a little deep. They were for me :slight_smile:

Thanks and God Bless.

Amy Welborn has a good series directed to teens. Prove it God, Prove it Church, Prove it Jesus, Prove it Prayer, Prove it You. My almost 13 yr old read and enjoyed them.

Father Joe: The man who saved my soul.

Godless by Pete Hautman. I think it’s a pretty good novel. The title is kind of scary to the devout but it’s an interesting read for many young adults. Here is some author’s notes on it:

Thanks for the recommendation. I think I heard this book mentioned on the radio. Have you read it? From the authors notes, I’m not sure where he is on his journey and where he leaves the readers!

I personally like the series that Catholic Answers puts out - it is more broken down and each teen can look at the sections that affect them.

Thanks for the suggestions as well folks. My girls don’t need them, but it’s handy to have a few good references in case I come across someone who does.

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