Book Recommendations for Weekend Retreat?


I’m going on a weekend retreat at the end of the summer with lots of time for silent reflection. I wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a book to take along to use as a guide for my journey those three days? Something to structure my path . . . I have just gotten a copy of “Inner Compass” on Ignation Spirituality by Margaret Sill and it is rather too “picture yourself along the river” for my tastes. I tend to be a “thinker” more than a “visualizer” – words and thoughts have more meaning to me than images. Never have been very successful trying to “picture yourself walking with Jesus along the beach” . . .

Thanks in advance!


The Imitation of Christ is a great book for meditation, but beware of watered-down translations.


Lukewarmness, the Devil in Disguise, by F. Carvajal
I Believe In Love, by Fr. John C.J. D’Elbee
A Retreat For Lay People, by Ronald Knox
Jesus As Friend, by Salvatore Canals
This Tremendous Lover, by Dom Eugene Boylan

Just a few favorites. Have a great retreat, lucky dog.



The Soul of the Apostolate


I read Contemplating the Trinity by Fr. Cantalamessa (the Pope’s preacher) on my retreat, it was perfect. There are 2 icons and 2 other art works reproduced in the book, but they are an aide, not a requirement, for following the meditation, which is also as good a teaching on the Trinity as I have ever seen, and will inspire my work from now on. It think it is from Word Among Us.


The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius - Translated by Anthony Mottola, Ph. D, published by Image Books - Absolutely fantastic


Two books by Thomas Merton: No Man is an Island, and Thoughts in Solitude


I concur, but I also would consider the Catechism of the Catholic Church or even a book a read a few weeks ago Rediscovering Catholicism by Matthew Kelly


Divine Mercy in my Soul: The diary of Sister Faustina




I have given My Life with the Saints by Father James Martin to several friends and family members. All have enjoyed it. It is available in soft cover.


For a weekend retreat, something with short, pithy sections would be about right. You’d shouldn’t feel pressure to complete an entire book over the course of the weekend.

How about a book of the bible, like Mark’s Gospel or Ephesians. I also like the suggestion of the Catechism (a section, not the whole thing, of course).


I would recommend *The Fulfillment Of All Desire * - A guidebook for the journey to God based on the wisdom of the saints -by Ralph Martin

This book has received positive reviews from Fr Benedict Groeschel, Fr Rainero Cantalamessa and Fr Faricy SJ, professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy


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