Book Recommendations on the Church Fathers????

Does anyone know of a good compilation of readings of our Church Fathers I can look for? In so many books I’ve read, people mention “the readings of the Church Fathers” how do I find these?

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There’s Jurgen’s Faith of the Early Fathers, The Ante-Nicene Fathers (10 volume set), and Ancient Christian Writings (56 Volumes I think).

Also, New Advent makes a lot of their writings available online.


I see that someone has already recommended Jurgen’s Faith of the Early Fathers…I think that’s three volumes, by the way.

If you’re interested in an introduction to the Church Fathers, I would recommend the very enjoyable and very readable “Four Witnesses—The Early Church in Her Own Words” by Rod Bennett. It’s published by Ignatius Press.

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I have “The Teachings of the Church Fathers” by Willis.

This is a great book and divided into topics. The book then quotes the Fathers and what they wrote on that topic. It is great to look up a topic like infant baptism and then see what the Fathers wrote on the subject.

The book does not give all the writings of the Fathers and is only good if you want a quick reference. If you are looking for detailed studies though on everything they wrote I would buy some of the other “non-protestant” translated or interpreted sets out there like the ones others have mentioned. You can also find a large amount, if not all their writings online at New Advent.

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Amanda in post #2 gave a very good direct answer.

The Ancient Christian Writers series is available from Paulist Press, although not all of the volumes are currently in print.

Paulist Press

They also publish Classics of Western Spiirtuality, which includes some Patristic works, and cheaper than the ACW series.

I have and like very much “Four Witnesses” by Rob Bennett mentioned by Sherlock in post #4. I lend it out too!

I would also like to recommend “Beginning to Read the Fathers” by Boniface Ramsey, I think it is from Cistercian Press but I can’t find my copy right now to verify.

Another compilation I would recommend is the Philokalia, very popular in the East. Many writings from the Patristic period are included as well as later Orthodox writings in the same tradition. I think it was compiled in the 1700’s or 1800’s and is available in four paperback volumes. Published by Faber & Faber.

Finally, there is Patrology, by Quasten. Be prepared to drop some big money for these books.

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