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DH told me he wanted some books for Christmas, namely, books about saints. He has already read two books … the names escape me,of course, but one was apparently the foundation for the Mel Gibson movie. (once again, the name escapes me – sleep deprivation is cruel to the brain!)

Any suggestions??


The book you are thinking about is likely St. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s The Dolorous Passion. But since he read that already, you’re probably looking for other recommendations. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for books written about the saints, here are some good ones:
*]The Incorruptibles by Joan Carroll Cruz - a look at those saints whose bodies are, or heave been at one time, incorrupt
*]Married Saints and Blesseds Through the Centuries by Ferdinand Holbock - as the title suggests

If you’re looking for books written by the saints, here are some good ones:
*]The Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux - her autobiography; it is a remarkable book and one of my personal favorites
*]The Confessions of St. Augustine - his remarkable conversion story; there are many translations and I’m not sure which is the best one or what the main differences are (sorry!)
*]The Autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila - another great autobiography of another great saint; her other books The Interior Castle, The Way of Perfection, etc. are also very good

Hopefully one of these will help. If not, I can recommend others. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! He did read the St Catherine Emmerich book while he was in RCIA. He’s an avid reader, as much as one can be with a house full of children!

Loved your recommendations, and I’d love to hear more, as you have time. I’m making a list. :thumbsup:

One of my favorite books about Saints is My Life withe the Saints.

In general, Ignatius Press is a good place to go to for books written about Saints, and TAN Books is a good place to go to for books written by Saints (though I do shy away from TAN’s books on the liturgy as they can tend towards the “Novus-Ordo-Mass-is-inferior-perhaps-invalid” side of things).

Ignatius Press has the Vision Series, which is a collection of 27 books on different saints. The books are each a biography of a particular saint. They are geared towards the youth, but I have found them enjoyable as well. I haven’t read all of them, but those I have read are quite readable. Nothing overly intellectual or overly spiritual, but solid nonetheless.

If you’re husband enjoyed “The Dolorous Passion”, he may enjoy The Life of St. Joseph by Sr. Maria Cecilia Baij. It is based on the inner locutions of this nun (as The Dolorous Passion" was based on the visions of St. Anne Catherine Emmerich). Of course, it is not Catholic doctrine and does not mean that this is exactly how St. Joseph’s life really went, but I think it is a very insightful look at what the life of St. Joseph may have been like (from his conception to his death, and everything in between). It was very moving for me and ranks as one of my favorite books on a saint (but then I’m biased towards St. Joseph as he is my namesake ;)). It is essential reading for men who wish to emulate the father of the Holy Family. Now that I think of it, this book would make an excellent Christmas gift. :slight_smile:

Pope Benedict’s book Jesus of Nazareth (as well as his book The Apostles and The Fathers) are also wonderful books that give you greater insight into the life of Jesus and his first followers. How can you go wrong with the Pope? :wink:

I’ll keep thinking and checking my bookshelf. :slight_smile:

Good saints books for men:

Saint Martin of Tours and his search for holiness:

A Soldier Surrenders: St. Camillus

(Not yet a saint but) The Grunt Padre

And please consider this great book for Catholic men. I enjoyed the book so much I started a thread just for that book:
Angels in Iron:

I just bought this book used today by Ronnie W. Floyd. Has anyone read it yet???:thumbsup:

I agree with KarenElissa. Father Martin’s My Life With the Saints is a fantastic book. I have already given it to 4 friends and they all loved it. It is not just an account of the usual saints (and some unusual) but it is also about Father Martin’s spiritual odyssey.

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