Book recommendations to understand Atonement?

Hello! I love the Catholic Church and am looking forward to becoming a member in the next few months, but I am worried because I don’t think I really understand major issues such as Justification and the Atonement. I am also worried by the possibility that I might understand but, for lack of reverence or proper perspective, I simply won’t yet.
I grew up hearing “We merited destruction because of sin, but Someone without sin was destroyed instead. Christ died to save us from God’s wrath, now God does not have to hate us anymore because he loves Christ. He is perfectly holy and cannot look at us, but if we are hidden in Christ, He can look at Christ instead, and be pleased.” I know from further study that there is more to it than that (for instance, we are called to become holy ourselves through the grace of God, not merely to put on a cloak of holiness over our irredeemable state).
Can anyone recommend solid, readable resources to help me understand the Catholic perspective on the atoning death of Christ and justification? Thanks so much!! :slight_smile:

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