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I’ve been reading The Myth of Hitler’s Pope, and its been an great read so far. It made me wonder if anyone has any suggestions about orthodox-Catholic perspective books about various topics that tend to be twisted out of shape by those that have an axe to grind with the Church.

So, does anyone know of good orthodox perspective books on the Crusades, the Inquisition, or the Borgias?

Thomas Madden’s books on the Crusades are very good. To me, the best is Crusades: The Illustrated History. Not so much an apologetic but a true, balanced history, with fantastic pictures and illustrations. It is organized EXTREMELY well and is a joy to read. Check out the reviews on Amazon. It’s all true—what a great book this is. If I knew you I’d literally buy it for you.

I’m told that Hilaire Belloc’s The Crusades is great for apologetic purposes, but I’ve never gotten 'round to it myself.

Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths by Regine Pernoud is very good. Lots of good stuff there—read the reviews at Amazon.

Characters of the Inquisition by renowned historian William Thomas Walsh is exactly what you are looking for on the Inquisition.

I’ve purchased both History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland by William Cobbett and Eamon Duffy’s
The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England which I’m told are great for reformation stuff—but I haven’t read them yet. (They, along with a couple dozen other works, occassionally call out to me as they languish on my shelf, but I just turn up the volume of my time-wasting Call of Duty game until they settle down and grumble amongst themselves.)

And a sort of personal appeal for you to obtain a copy of The Reformation in England by Msgr. Philip Hughes, which is one of my all-time favorite Catholic history books. What a wonderful read this is!!! Tons of helpful and interesting information with great wit and intelligence! I doubt it is in print anywhere, but a good used copy can be had for just a few dollars.

You might try Triumph: The Power and Glory of the Catholic Church by H.W. Crocker

By the way…If you are thinking of the wonderful Crusades: The Illustrated History by Thomas Madden, be aware that the “paperback” version is actually a very sturdy coated cover which is flexible and long-lasting.

You might check some of the sales/specials tables at B&N and Borders—I’ve seen this on sale a few times. But Amazon always has a good price on it.

Those look like some really good recommendations. I’ll be looking those up on Amazon. Thank you very much.

That one was already on the list . . . :wink:

I had seen an interview with him on EWTN, and I’ve been wanting to read the book since then.

the book “between a rock and a hard place” by amputee aron ralston

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