Book recommendations?

Looking for books about the brain, esp. language?
Something for fairly science-literate laymen.

Many thanx.

From my undergrad Psychology days (10+ years ago), here are a few of the textbooks used in my classes:

*]Language Development by Erika Hoff-Ginsberg (I used the 1st edition)
*]4th edition, 2008 (outrageously expensive)
*]3rd edition, 2004 (reasonably priced)
*] (Second Edition)Learning and Memory: A Biological View by Joe L. Martinez, Jr. and Raymond P. Kesner [It seems like they’ve released a more recent book, [URL=“”]Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Second Edition]

I actually still have the “Learning and Memory” book (they came out with their new book, so I got stuck with this one).

It’s been awhile, so I couldn’t really tell you much about them beyond their name. :o But maybe it will at least give you a starting point.

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