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I chose to provide my (to-be) 7th grade son’s religious education at home this year. Unfortunately, the book our church provides (and uses as their textbook) seems to be very juvenile for a 12 year old. I will still use the book but was hoping for resource recommendations that I can use in conjunction with the church provided text to make his religious education more relevant and engaging?

Thank you SO much in advance.



Amy Welborn’s “Prove It!” series.


I second this. Also, bring your copy of the catechism (CCC) to classes–then you can look up things as they come up in discussion and show the kids the church’s direct teaching.


depends on the teen, 7th grade usually concentrates on the new testament and the person and mission of Jesus Christ, with a good guide to books of the bible–Fr. McBrides Teen bible guide is one good source–you can do that well at home. you can also use any lectionary-based resource for teens as long as you do a full liturgical year (Advent to Christ the King). That resource will expand on the readings, especially the gospel, invite the teen and the sponsor guiding him (you) to reflect on them and extend the lesson into their own lives, and will have doctrinal content as well. I would ask your parish just to get the lesson plans from a program to which they already subscribe, as individual subscriptions would be pricey, but there are also textbooks.

The Gospel Truth by Kenneth Ogorek is one but intended for adults, but under your guidance, with a good supporting catechetical text, you could do very well.

I second the Amy Wellborn books, get her teen bible as well, the “inserts” and sidebars are great.


if it’s strong, sound basic catechesis you want, then Ignatius Press puts out **Faith and Life Series **religious education books. Their grade 7 (and grade 4) text(s) are my all time favorite catechism texts.

The whole series is excellent and has been approved by the USCCB (with a thumbs UP from the Pope formerly known at Joseph Ratzinger) but grade 7 just takes the cake.


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