Book Review: “…And You Are Christs”

Have you ever found that you watch a movie two or three times and catch something different at each viewing? You might say, “I never noticed that before.” In a similar way, spiritual reading can “speak to us” differently at different stages in our lives.

I have read Fr. Thomas Dubay’s book, …And You Are Christ’s three times since I first found it in our convent library in Hankinson (probably as a postulant). I just finished it again this past week.

I am still impressed at this beautiful discourse on consecrated chastity.

The book, to quote its chapter titles, covers:

Our Milieu (background/context),
What is Gospel Virginity?
Understanding the Vocation
Permanent Fidelity
Virginity and Frugality
Virginal Human Love
Who Is a Consecrated Woman?
An Integrated Lifestyle
Virginity and Totality
Signs of the Vocation
Witness ~ and ~
It is only 148 pages but contains a wealth of insight into this charism of consecrated chastity which religious and other consecrated people live in the Church. It brings the reader beyond the shallow ideas our society has about celibacy to insight into the beauty of this gift of self. Although it was written in the 1980s, it provides rich insights just as pertinent today.

I would recommend …And You Are Christ’s to anyone discerning a vocation to the consecrated life or wishing to gain further insight into it.

Thanks for your review. Is it correct that the focus is on the vocation of consecrated virginity? Or would it also suite for those discerning other forms of consecrated life?

Thank you and God Bless You.

It pertains to all of consecrated life, be it that of “consecrated virgins,” active sisters, nuns, or others.

I have a copy and what I find most helpful about it is how it discusses the spousal aspect of consecrated virginity/chastity rather than the mere practical aspects of it. As one who feels a call to a spousal relationship with Jesus, it helps me make sense of what’s going on spiritually with my soul. It seems like over the years the spousal aspect of such a life has fallen to the wayside.

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