Book review: "The Faithful"

Here’s a book review of “Faithful”, written by James M. O’Toole and reviewed by liberal religion reporter for the Boston Globe, Rich Barlow. As you might expect, it criticizes the “traditionalists” in the Church for clinging to her dogmatic edicts and essentially predicts that the Church must and will change those controversial teachings. Progressive dissidents want the Church to change so bad that they almost feel as though they can will it to happen by using the media…not going to happen, though.

To hold such a view displays the inherent ignorance of the whats and the whys of the Church’s teachings. This is what I witness often, intelligent speaking people led by the ways of the world that on the surface appear to be coherent and to display tolerance.

It’s not until we delve deeper into the reasons of the church’s teachings being what they are, that we see the foundation of love of these teachings. To “change” these teachings is deny the church and to deny the Gospel. What changing these teachings is most certainly NOT, is correcting an error, it is NOT, progressive. It’s holding to the Truth of the Word of God. The author and the columnist, are ignorant to this fundemental.

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