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My almost-18 year old nephew Ryan has decided he wants to go into Law Enforcement. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to reading materials or video/dvds on Catholics in their area of work. I am looking for something inspirational, along the lines of the book about Father Vince Capodanno…that book has inspired so many in the military that I hope to find something similar to give to Ry.

Any ideas?


Hi, I don’t know of any books that I would call inspirational but I do know of one that was written by a retired Catholic Police officer dealing with the job and its day to day challeges. He suggests a good prayer life and goes further by even suggesting a religious retreat once a year. It will definitely help this young man when making/facing tough decisions…“The Path Of The Warrior” by Larry Jetmore. I would go so far to say that every recruit should read it!
hope this helps!


you are AWESOME!!!


My husband is not in law enforcement, but he has really enjoyed connecting with the Opus Dei folks out here. DH says that for him it has been a great way to meet people of all professions who want to integrate their work lives and their Catholic faith.


On EWTN there is a retired, I think, deputy sheriff. I know he was in law enforcemnt. I think his name is Remero. I am sure my spelling is not right.

My husband is a Police officer. He isn’t Catholic, I am. Most of the material he brings home is not Catholic. I know my husband views things very black or white. His values are very much in line with the Catholic Church. Alot of the officer’s don’t have the same values. Of course my pofession is in education and most of the Catholic schools teachers don’t share my Catholic values. I have had to really keep an ear open to what goes on in the class rooms so my children don’t get watered down Catholic education.

I would suggest your son study the Saints. Police work is a battle against evil. He will need a strong Faith.

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