Book Suggestion on Lives of Saints?

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Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a good book(s) on the lives of the saints. I’m looking for a book(s) with more than a one page synopsis on each saint, but not so many pages that I couldn’t read about the saint in less than a 1/2 hour.


Jen, I like “Butler’s Lives Of The Saints” by Paul Burns. A Priest I know, uses it for information he gives at daily Mass. The book has alot of detail about each Saint and follows the Church Calendar.

Another idea is to check out the Children’s area of Books on the Saints. They have alot of information on the Saints.

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Thanks Annie,

I was looking into the Butler book, but the price tag ($100) is a little steep for me right now. I will keep this one in mind though because it looks like its exactly what I’m looking for.

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My “Butler’s Lives Of The Saints” is the New Concise Edition and it cost $39.95. Even though it is the Concise Edition, it still has ALOT of information about each Saint. You might look into that book.


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