Book Suggestions for Non Catholics

Since starting my research into Catholicism I have read quite a few books…

Rome Sweet Home (Hahn)
Born Fundamentalist Born again Catholic (David Currie)- this one is a MUST
Theology of the Body for Beginners
Something Other than God (Jennifer Fulwiler) - Another great read!
The Fathers Know Best (Jimmy Akin)
The Protestants Dilemma (Devin Rose) - another great read!

I have just downloaded Catholicism and Fundamentalism (Karl Keating) to read and a few general GK Chesterton’s as they are so cheap! (If not free)

I would definitely recommend the above for anyone who hasn’t already read them (catholics and non catholics alike) but are there any really great must reads that I have missed?

Any other suggestions?

For apologetics I’ll add By What Authority by Mark Shea; and *Crossing the Tiber *by Steve Ray.

Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis

Another “cheep” book, but one of the best I’ve ever read! A boss devil writing to his underling about his progress in turning his human subject away from God. Funny, thought-provoking, and insightful! I couldn’t put it down!

Scott Hahn’s Lord Have Mercy. It is a great book on the sacrament of confession. You will truly appreciate the sacrament after reading the book.:thumbsup:

At least two books by Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman: An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, the book he wrote which took him past his final difficulties; his Apologia pro vita Sua.

Evelyn Waugh’s novel “Helena” is really brilliant for a generation heavily permeated with Dan Brown’s idiocy about the Church at the time of Constantine. Graham Greene’s “The End of the Affair” is a magnificent love story focused on the reality of the Blessed Sacrament. Willa Cather’s “Death Comes for the Archbishop” is a wonderful novel based on the life of Bishop Lamy of Santa Fe.

“The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien” are invaluable for showing fans exactly what the sources of Tolkien’s vision are (I encounter a number of young Tolkien fans who are under the impression that he was a pagan, something spread about by Nordic cults that are springing up here and there).

The Faith of Our Fathers: A Plain Exposition and Vindication of the Church Founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ is a book first published in 1876 by James Cardinal Gibbons, former Archbishop of Baltimore. With over 118 printings, it is perhaps the most successful book for explaining the basic tenets of the Catholic faith and why we hold them. It delves into the historical background of virtually everything people find hard to understand about Catholicism. Written for mixed Protestant and Catholic congregations in North Carolina and Virginia, it is accommodating to people of all faiths.

The best thing is, it is readliy available for FREE via the internet:
FREE Kindle Edition (retypeset and easily legible)
FREE Google eBook edition (digitized pages of the 63rd edition, circa 1917)
Other FREE formats via the Gutenberg Project (including HTML, PDF, and more)

Thank you for the suggestion about Helena. I just read it and enjoyed it.

Evangelical Is Not Enough by Thomas Howard is an excellent book for those Christians who come from a non-liturgical background.

I found Kevin Orlin Johnson’s Why do Catholics Do That? to be very helpful as I was going through the RCIA process.

Thanks for this thread and all the suggestions!

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