Book Suggestions Needed: Adventure/Mystery

My dad would like a fun read for Father’s Day. My mom said he likes to read adventure/mystery books. She mentioned he read some Dan Brown books, but I won’t buy his books. Any author or book suggestions? Doesn’t necessarily have to be Catholic, but nothing unfriendly to Catholics. Thanks!

I just finished Kay Hooper’s Bishop/SCU books. Pretty interesting and entertaining.

Maybe I’m biased, but I love Aimee and David Thurlo’s “Sister Agatha” murder mystery series: Bad Faith, Thief in Retreat, Prey for a Miracle, False Witness and Prodigal Nun. Their next Sister Agatha book, Bad Samaritan, comes out on June 22… and I can’t wait!

Another personal favorite is the “Texana Jones” mystery series by Allana Martin: *Death of a Healing Woman, Death of a Saint Maker, Death of an Evangelista, Death of a Myth Maker, Death of the Last Villista, *and *Death of the River Master. *I don’t know if any of these are still available in bookstores (I had to get my last three from but I wish she would write another one!

If he prefers something more “intense”, James Patterson’s “Det. Michael Bennett” series (co-written with Michael Ledwidge) is Catholic-friendly, but the depiction of the criminals can be quite disturbing (this is the same author that writes the “Alex Cross” series… if you can handle Alex Cross, you can handle Michael Bennett.) Those books are Step on a Crack, Run for Your Life, and Worst Case. I have read the first two, haven’t had time to get the third one.

Hope this helps!

My husband doesn’t have much time to read, but he loves anything by Michael Crichton (God rest his soul) and has actually read all of his books. (Andromeda Strain, Jurassic Park, State of Fear, Prey, etc.).

He also likes Frank Peretti, a Christian author who has written several mystery thrillers. Peretti’s books are not overtly religious, but there are definite undertones of religion/Christianity.

If your dad likes kids’ books, he can try reading my mystery/adventures! Please visit the website in my signature. (Warning–my novels are set in an ice rink and involve figure skaters, so only very special, wonderful men like my husband enjoy reading them!)

I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan and you could start him out with a bang with Ten Little Indians. I think that was the first one I read by her and I was hooked.

Mystery with a Catholic author - you could do that Father Brown mysteries by G.K. Chesterton or The Father Dowling mysteries by Ralph McInerny. I have read the Brown ones but am half way through the Dowling series and have enjoyed them.

Is this the Peretti who did This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness? If so, I’d say they ARE OVERTLY religious - the whole plot is!! Not Catholic mind you, but not a bad read if you’re well formed in your faith.

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