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Does anyone have a good suggestion for books on the foundation and the succession of the papacy? It needs to be easy to read and well documented (footnotes, scripture refs etc). It’s for a non-catholic that believes that the papacy is false and that the church fell into apostasy. They’re not much of a reader so it needs to hold their attention. Thanks in advance.


Talter, this first one might be helpful for your friend:

And this one might be helpful for you in discussing the papacy with your friend:

There are more that I could recommend, but since your friend isn’t much of a reader, they might be too advanced at this point for him/her.

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Thank you for the quick reply. That is pretty much what I was looking for. Though at only 32 pages (not trying to prejudge the book here) I’m not sure it will be sufficient to explain it thoroughly enough. Besides I plan on reading them myself and I am a reader so long as it is well written (and in some cases not well written :stuck_out_tongue: ) What are the other ones you would suggest?

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Both of these books were recommended although I haven’t read either of them. Both have been criticized for the writing style (lack thereof), although both are praised for having an abundance of source material and support for the doctrine of the papacy.

Jesus, Peter and the Keys

Upon this Rock

A great book on the papacy (one aspect) that is very well written and reads like a thriller novel is:

The Bones of St. Peter by William T. Walsh.

Another recent book that has a different take on apologetics surrounding the papacy is:

The Primacy of the Church of Rome

That book looks at some unique “primacies” that are found in Rome. Many “firsts” in the Christian world. That book provides some original research that cannot be found elsewhere and it draws conclusions that nobody else has come up with. The points are a bit obscure at times, but they add up to a picture of the importance of Rome as the primary see of the Church of Christ (not directly about St. Peter but very closely related).


My pleasure, talter. :slight_smile: Here are four others that address the subject:

The two books by Fr. Jaki (2 and 4), though not exhaustive on the subject, approach the question from very interesting historical angles. Enjoy!

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Upon This Rock is excellent.


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