BOOK: The City of Ember


My 9yr old son (4th grade) is going to read The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.

Has anyone read this? Is it appropriate?


haven’t read it (ordered last week) , but here is the authors website
did a quick google search and there are some reviews of it out there also.

I’ve read it, and loved it! I think it would definitely be appropriate for a 9 year old.

The book and its sequels aren’t explicitly religious, but they all have some interesting moral themes.

The end of the book (don’t worry no spoilers here) made me think of the passage from Corinthians about seeing through a mirror and seeing face to face.

I haven’t read the latest book in the series yet (which was just released) or seen the movie, but I hope to do both soon.

just finished it Good book,easy read, has good flow.
nothing religious except for the small group of belivers who wait for the builders.Not violent/not sexual. a good read now i’m starting on book 2.:thumbsup:

Thanks all!

I ended up reading it and finishing it within 2 days.

It struck me as awfully dark but the ending was WAY COOL and I’ll probably pick up the next one this week.


I just watched the movie and I found it quite interesting. Somehow, for me there’s religious allegories;
the builder: God
Ember: Earth
The box: Bible
Majors: Apostles/leaders

At the end of the movie, I had this idea of writing a fiction about a world where bible was lost and forgotten and people were living miserably. :smiley: Let see whether I have the perseverance to make story based on that.

Is the book better than the movie?

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