Book: The Creed, Dr. Scott Hahn

around 160 pages.

Dr. Hahn takes a historical and theological tour of the Nicene Creed. He carefully shows how there are various creedal statements in Scripture, to begin with. Then, he goes on to show the historical reasons for the development of later creeds, as a reaction to various heresies and to paganism (gnosticism in particular).

In contrast, there are some Protestant groups which reject creeds and the idea of creeds themselves, as too restrictive for one reason or another.

The book contains quite a bibliography on the subject. And, in an appendix, there is a creed that was written by Blessed Pope Paul VI (d. 1978) which runs for pages. Truth is, I have delayed reading this creed, putting it off for a time of meditation. It is too serious, in my opinion, for “reading” like a book.

It is written for a general audience and gives good background on the subject, in its limited pages.

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