BOOK: The Road

Has anyone else read this?

I started it at 9PM and was done by 9AM the next morning, and yes I slept!

My husband said it best by describing it as “compelling, I can’t call it good but it is compelling, I couldn’t put it down.”

It post-apocalypto years after a war or something (it’s never made clear), a father and a son are heading South and there is almost zero food left in the world. Nothing grows in the ash, and the sky is constantly grey. Even clothes, shoes and blankets are scarce. People have resulted to cannibalism.

It’s coming out in theaters November 26th and starring Viggo Mortenson & Guy Pierce. I don’t think they’ll have a hard time transferring the emotions and sentiments, or the drama over to film, as it’s not written deeply. I guess I am trying to say while there isn’t a ton of character development or deep emotion written, it stirs deep emotions in you when you do read it. Should easily transfer to film, but wonder how it’ll be.

It won the Pulitzer.

I’m still thinking about it.

Just wondering if anyone else read it and also wondering if anyone plans on seeing the film. I have yet to see a trailer for it.

Don’t know how to post a link to another thread, but there’s one about this book on page 7 called
**BOOKS: The Road, Cormac McCarthy **

Thanks Sam – I went about four pages in and didn’t find it – thanks again…

On the hunt I go!:thumbsup:

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