BOOK - The Unexpected Dragon by Mary Brown

Anyone have any opinions on Mary Brown or this series?

The Unexpected Dragon is a compilation of 3 books I guess - “Pigs Don’t Fly,” “Master of Many Treasures,” and “Dragonne’s Eg.”

I liked the first one well enough. The second one has a ‘good demon’ and it’s explaining to the main character about its Lord Buddha and reincarnation, etc.

It seems unnecessary to the story (although I’m not done yet) and I was wondering if it was a way for Mary Brown to put her beliefs out there or what?

I don’t think it mentioned it in the first book but the main character is ‘Catholic’. Which means the priest in her village in the first book was thus catholic and having intercourse with her mother. And it seems that Buddhism is being cast in a sensible light in the 2nd book.

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