BOOK: The Vatican's Exorcist

Has anyone read this book? The Vatican’s Exorcist. Was it any good?

Hi Marco, I read a review that says that book doesn’t really say anything about exorcist that we regular people don’t already know.
It must just be a general info. book on exorcists.
I didn’t buy it.

My favorite book that has tons of information is “Begone Satan”. by Fr. Carl Vogl. I bought it at It is a thin paperback that only costs $4.00. I am so glad I bought it.

I have also enjoyed reading Fr. Gabriel Amorths two books on “An Exorcists tells his story”. I easily bought them at too. I am glad I bought those books too.

Begone Satan is my favorite “exorcism” book too! :slight_smile:

A priest friend who spent much time in Rome thought the book accurate. However, he cautioned that to one who has a hammer every problem is a nail. He thought the author might be over stressing the role of possessions.

Most people say that possessions are rare but it doesn’t hurt to know the difference between a person being psychology ill or truly possesd. This is why I like the books I have read on possessions.

There must be some people in mental hospitals that are possesd and not truly mentally ill.

These books have taught me to be aware when something evil is around me. Plus, the books have prayers to keep us safe from evil. I like the prayers in the books.

I think possessions are becoming more common as so many people are now worshiping Satan and delving into new age practices

I read that a colleague of FR Groeschels was possessed , according to him…She was fooling around with channeling and he feels contacted a demon

Fr is a psychologist and knows the difference between possession and mental illness…He said she was in the blackest psychosis the last 2 year of her life he had eve seen

I suspect possessions are also more common where many people have not been baptized.

I’ve also read one of Fr. Amorth’s books. I liked it very much and totally agree that possession’s are alot more common now than people think. Yes, they are very hard to tell apart from some mental disorders, but I do believe they are very common especially in these days when so many out there are into all forms of divination, psychis, mediums, astrology, tarot, etc.

They act as if these practices are ok, THEY ARE NOT OK!! I do believe they are evil and you will contact nothing but evil spirits during these practices. Stay away from them!

I also read both of Fr Gabriel Amorth’s books. They are excellent. He wrote the books for the clergy actually because he says so many of the clergy don’t believe in the devil. Therefore the books are very factual.

I found them an absorbing read and devoured them in about four days. Having read a lot of books and stories on exorcism [including Begone Satan!], I found his books very thorough.

One of the biggest contributors to possession is plain old sin. Just doing sinful things opens the door to the devil’s control. The more severe the sin and the more frequently we sin, the more we can lose control over our souls. Fr Amorth is very encouraging plus he put good prayers in his books too.

Fr Amorth says that confession is more powerful than exorcism!

Some people move into Haunted Houses where some big time demons live because of the location of the house. The house could have been built over land that had been used by witches practicing black magic.
Those demons don’t care if you are in God’s grace they even come after innocent children.
The best thing to do is to move out the first chance you get.
I know a lot about this subject because I have read many books for many years. I am just giving one example.

I would never stay in a known haunted house. I would be asking for trouble since some demons will follow a person to their homes.

Yes, it does help to pray and stay in God’s grace and go to confession as much as possible. Once you have confessed your sins the demons can’t get to you. Demons know all of your sins.
They will use it against you.

It is best to let go of your interest in exorcism once you have read these books. Start reading books on God and Angels, Saints, in order to not invite demons into your home.
This is my advise for all of you.

It doesn’t sound like you have read Fr Amorth’s books. He states that fear of the devil is one of his tools. One basis of this fear is not knowing the devils traits and tricks.

Getting information on this subject from Catholic sources is likely to have less misinformation.

It is NOT true that once you have confessed your sins, the devil can’t get to you. Fr Amorth makes it very clear that ANYONE can be possessed - because God can allow it for better good. Saints have suffered possession. Little infants cursed by an adult can be possessed!

Demons do NOT know all your sins - demons only know what God allows them to know.

Fr Amorth makes it very clear that the devil is nowhere near as powerful as he’d like you to think. This another good reason to read Fr Amorth’s books.

Tina, you really know how to write what you know. I am not a great writer. So I am glad you have cleared up some of the things I have written. I totally agree with you.

I do fear the devil and also know that God will protect me from evil.
I have known about the devil since I was a child because I had an aunt who would tell us true stories about demons.

The child in me still gets scared so I turn to God to keep me safe.

We all come from different backgrounds and I think that is what affects us in life and how we deal with things.

LaLucia, you seem very sweet. what a nice response.

Don’t be afraid of the devil. He is actually more afraid of us than he lets on. Mostly he hates us because we will take his place in heaven. His jealousy is boundless.

According to Fr Amorth, the devil can blaspheme anything and everything in an exorcism. But you know what? God NEVER allows the devil to blaspheme the Mother of God! He is more frightened of the Blessed Mother than anybody. Fr Amorth says the mention of Mary is the most effective weapon in the battle.

Isn’t that comforting? Mary loves us so much. She will save us because her Son cannot turn down her requests on our behalf. All we have to do is ask her!

Yes, that is true that the demons are truly afraid of Blessed Mother Mary. She takes care of me all the time. I know for a fact that she is with me. Jesus is also with me. Plus, I have my angels and saints who also take care of me. It truly feels good to have them all protecting me.

Tina, thank you for your kind words. Lucy

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