Book title: "Accidentally on Purpose"

I just finished reading a brand new book, published 2008, by Mary Pols called “Accidentally on Purpose”. It was on the “new books” shelf at the library. The cover caught my eye so I picked it up. It’s a book that will be rated R if ever made into a movie. I am active in the pro life movement and this book showed me how women who have no religion or belief in God deal with an unplanned pregnancy. The author writes about her own situation and was very painfully honest about her feelings and her decisions. It has a good ending but the author’s life and her way of life are not something you’d want your kids to read about. For me, it was good to read so I’ll be better prepared when talking with a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Not everyone has a religious background so they can’t be related to on that level. Other avenues need to be used to reach them, to let them know that abortion is not their only option. I recommend the book, but don’t let your kids read it!

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