Book Title?


So, when I was in college a few years ago, a priest mentioned that he had read a very interesting book about what to do if something goes wrong during Mass.
Like what should be done if the candles on the altar are blown out by the wind.
Or what to do if you are celebrating Mass outside and a leaf falls into the chalice.

Does anyone know the title and author of this book?


This sounds like “De defectibus in celebratione missae occurentibus

This was originally issued as a Papal Bull by Pope St. Pius V. It was subsequently attached to the Missale Romanum. It was deleted in editions of the MR after 1962, but since the earlier editions are out of copyright, they are widely available on the Internet. Beware schismatic “Catholic” sites which host this document. The IntraText site is a good place to read the Missale Romanum in Latin; begins here.De defectibus

in book form with Latin original and English translation.Ritus servandus

Still wondering where an English translation can be found online? Me too. Jimmy Akin promised one, but I can’t find it anywhere.


Thank you so much!


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