Book titled "All saints", help discerning it's quality.


I purchased a book recently entitled “All Saints: daily reflections on saints, prophets and witnesses for out time.” Authored by Robert Ellsberg.

When i leafed through the book at the book store, it looked great. It is what it says, daily stories of Saints lives,(it is not as long or as in depth as Butlers that is why i picked it up,) some thoughts from them, and good insight.

Well along with some literal “Saints” there are also many other non-Christians, and non-Catholics represented on the individual days. For instance: William Stringfellos, Theologian and social critic-April 26; Martin Luther King jr., April 4 Apostle of Freedom; Henry David Thoreau, naturalist and social critic, May 4*; Rabbi Abraham Heschel* Dec. 23; Karl Rahner March 5;* Orgien* May 18; Thomas Merton Dec. 10; and two the main kickers Mahatma Gandhi and Vincent Van Gogh

My question is has anyone ever heard of the Author Robert Ellsberg? Is he a legitimate Catholic Voice?

Has anyone heard of this book i am refering too?

I believe that this book makes a mockery of the Blessed Saints that went before us. What are your thoughts?


See thread at to discuss this.

Joe Monahan

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