Book warning: A Bad Kitty Christmas

How much space does the average supermarket have in the kids’ book section? Not much. But they had room for this:

As the critics pointed out, it includes a gay relationship, to which one “reviewer” replied (in part): “Gay people exist. Get over it.”

The cover looks like it was drawn by a Beatnik in the late 1950s. I strongly advise parents and teachers to flip through the book in the store first, or read reviews about it. Gay activists are after your kids. The tactic? Just drop it into the story. Kids don’t know better. And that’s true, which is why adults need to know.


My kids are beyond the age for that level of book, but it irks me nonetheless.

Like that book “Prince and Prince.” Or whatever it is. *That’s *a book that never made it through our door.

King and King. And trust me, more are coming.


I allow my kids to read all kinds of books, since it lets me discuss them. If I ban books, they will eventually read them when I’m not around.

Of course since the Catechism calls on us to accept gays with the utmost love and respect I don’t feel the need to freak out when a gay character shows up in a book.

You do understand that your kids can’t “catch gay”, right?

God bless

Here are the blurbs from the professional reviews at Edwest’s link

“It’s a good story for teaching kids about the true meaning of the holiday.” --Parents Magazine

“Bruel slyly adapts the familiar poetic structure; Kitty’s over-the-top expressions make her bad behavior even funnier.” --Horn Book Magazine

“Kitty’s zany antics, three romps through the alphabet, and a warm reunion make this a gift indeed for Bad Kitty fans.” --Publishers Weekly

“If madcap destruction and comic antics are dear to your Kitty fans, recommend this title.” --School Library Journal

“A witty and original take on the old Christmas Eve chestnut, with a sweet twist to season the fun.” --Kirkus Reviews

Sounds horrific! :eek:

Your statement is not meaningful or useful at all. Your last sentence is a meaningless slogan.

Children are being indoctrinated, right now, in public schools across the country, that gay sex is OK, and this indoctrination will continue. Children are the best targets since children tend to trust mom and/or dad, and their teachers. They will not question their teacher bringing their gay spouse to school on “diversity day.” They will not be told in too many cases, that gay sex and promoting gay sex are both wrong.

You appear not to understand how propaganda works, especially when it is promoted by the US government as well. Your use of an emotional word is not a basis for fact.


It is:

This review is from: A Bad Kitty Christmas (Hardcover)

“We were not at all please to find the “female partner” page of this childrens book. We were fans of the “Bad Kitty” books, but will no longer be buying or reading them. They were all just donated to the city dump. Call me old fashioned. I dont mind at all. Marriage is defined by a man and a women in love, in marriage under God and to present these ideas to young children is disgusting. I dont mind two people of the same same sex loving each other…but keep it out of kds books for crying out loud!”


Ed, are you sure about that? Young children are being taught about sex?? I would think that would create a huge outcry, and not just about the homosexual stuff either.

Umm… My last sentance was “God bless”…

My post actual was about the fact that we (and our children) are called to love and respect gay people as they work out God’s plan for them. We are called avoid any discrimination against them… I am raising my children to be good Catholics and read the Catechism. Not to be afraid of people that have problems none of us that are not gay could begin to understand.

Which emotional word is that? I understand propaganda quite well… And i see a lot of it here.

God bless


“afraid” of what? Gay people? I never feared any of the gay people I met and worked with.


Ed here is trying to help.

With respect to the ‘bad kitty’ book, there is apparently a ‘partner’ reference which most children won’t understand. With respect to the “King and King” book, the story line involves a king trying to find a princess to marry, until he realizes that he really wants to marry another king. That type of storyline would certainly seem to be advocating for gay marriage, which is something that Catholics ought not to be teaching their children as acceptable.

He is right. I was in tenth grade only two years ok and repeatadly they told us that anal sex and oral sex were just as “right” and natural as regular intercourse. Trust me, there is an agenda to make us glorify homosexuals. And it is a choice, my mother after having two children decided to become a lesbian. My childhood went straight down the toilet after she introduced me to her partner.:mad:

I am many many years removed from high school, but I I am not surprised that such things are included in sex ed today.

However, I wasn’t referring to high school students but to young children. They are the audience for this book and I assumed that is what he meant when he claimed that children are being taught gay sex

I don’t know if grade school children are being taught ‘gay sex’. But it seems that books such as King and King do try to pave the way for an acceptance of homosexual lifestyhle, whether the sex is treated explicitly or not.

I agree, at least from what I have read here, that the lesson of King and King is to promote acceptance of homosexual relationships.

However, from what I can tell, this latest installment of the Bad Kitty series doesn’t involve new owners so the gay couple are not central to the story… Bad Kitty meets the gay couple during Kitty’s various adventures around town.

Obviously, if a parent is uncomfortable about discussing that homosexual relationships are wrong, the parent is wise not to buy the book. But a child old enough to read is old enough to learn about the basic morality of right from wrong. And the child is old enough to understand that sometimes adults do things which are wrong. I would hope the child learns that last lesson before heading off to school.

Why not read the book with your child and discuss it with them at an appropriate age? :shrug:

My experience is that a lot of the desire to teach youngsters about gay relationships grows out of fear.

Parents are afraid that young children will say something embarrassing. So they’re prepping them early, ‘It’s perfectly normal if someone has two mommies or two daddies,’ etc. :frowning:

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