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I’m trying to find a book to help me understand how to find and seek God’s Will. I highly doubt that I am doing His Will…and would like a book to help guide me in understanding how to recognize God’s Will from a Catholic perspective…

thanks in advance…:smiley:

Story of a Soul!!! :slight_smile:

((The Autobiography of St. Therese, the Little Flower))

Divine Mercy in My Soul: The Diary of Sister Faustina has changed my life. Even though I haven’t finished it yet, it really made an impact on my thinking.


Finding God’s Will For You - St. Francis de Sales

You might not necessarily need a book. Look back on your life. Contemplate on and consider the things you have done, the thoughts and ideas you have had. Do you find any common themes? By looking at your past God sometimes shows you the future.

Your life is a very good book to help direct you where God is pointing you. It’s also a very good book to point out to yourself where you might have rejected or blocked the way God was pointing out to you. Study yourself over the next few weeks. Read your life (no matter how long or short it has been). Spend time each day pondering it and be sure to write down any enlightenments that come to mind. Always pray to the Holy Spirit to guide your “reading” – He will show you if you are open to Him.

Finally, after a few weeks if you are still not sure, get your Bible, pray to the Holy Spirit and then, without looking at what you are doing, open up to a random page in one of the Gospels and start reading where your eye falls. Right after that open up to one of the Epistles and start reading where your eyes fall.

After all of the above you should have a pretty good hunch of what you need to do and where you are to go in life. The last step, however, is having the courage to take that next step in implementing it. Constant prayer will carry you on.

Its not catholic but

“God Calling” is an excellent book and resource its free on the internet if you google it. Several trusted catholic friends (including a priest) recommended it as a tool.

Here’s one you can read online:
Two Wills, His and Mine

Mostly online via googlebooks:
What Does God Want?: A Practical Guide to Making Decisions

Take a look at “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer (German, Lutheran). It’s a bit anti-catholic but stick with the meditations. This was one of the top 50 books rated by Christianity Today a few years ago.

Some books like those recommended in previous posts don’t excite me very much. I’m not into Catholic mysticism. Maybe I should be, but I’m not “there” yet.

On the other hand, I’d be suspicious of any “new” books. Narrow in on books that have had lasting influence on people over the years.

In that sense, Bonhoeffer’s book which largely focuses directly on scripture is a great book, one not to miss.

You would recommend a book that’s anti-catholic and old over something thoroughly Catholic and new?

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