Booker releases secret Kavanaugh emails in defiance of Senate rules, drawing GOP condemnation


Booker taking it upon himself to determine which rules should apply. He’s disgraceful as a Senator, a glory of, and consumed with himself. He hurts the Senate now and in the future by doing these things.

Spartacus. Please, grow up kid.


I always liked Booker, but this is not cool.

Edited to add, having read the article, it doesn’t even sound like the e-mails had anything exciting in them. Total grandstanding move. It will come back on the Dems when Republicans find some secret e-mails on them and do the same thing some day.


At least he is doing it publically and seems willing to take the consequences.


He knows there won’t be any consequences because he was put up to it by the other more established Dems. This obviously wasn’t just his idea to do it all of a sudden.


You don’t think an e-mail about racial profiling might not be relevant to confirming Kavanaugh to the most powerful non-elected position in the most powerful nation ever in human history - for life? The e-mail had no personal information in it that would justify keeping it secret.


Good of you and Mr. Booker to decide what should and should not be secret. Do you support that attitude either work done by classified contractors? Let them determine whether or not something is appropriate and marked?

You know for a fact this type of approach is fraught with problems. Again, you continue to support the breakdown of checks and systems in place only when it suits you. That is bad for the country as a whole. We will survive this President or that President. We will not survive political anarchy or removing the fundamental underpinnings of our systems.


There are rules for a reason. I don’t expect people not familiar with Washington, Congress or judicial confirmation processes to understand, though.

In any event, Kavanaugh’s email did not indicate that he is fond of racial profiling.

I further could have told you the same thing about him without needing to release a secret e-mail.


Please explain how this email shows Kavanaugh endorses racial profiling?


I didn’t it shows that. I just said it might be relevant. Maybe it shows the opposite. But wouldn’t you want to know if you were tasked with the job of confirming him to this position?


I can not understand how a Catholic man/woman could have a problem with Kavanaugh as a SCJ


Frankly, no. Judicial confirmation hearings are about confirming a person’s fitness to sit on the Federal bench, as in: is he competent and skilled enough to do the job and is his character good with no crimes or scandals lurking in his past that might cause him to be compromised.

It is not about someone’s views on various legal or political issues.

Furthermore, Brett Kavanaugh has been knocking around Washington DC for over 20 years and I am sure that everybody there already has a good idea of his views on every legal issue there is.

Federal judicial nominations have turned into a circus ever since the failed Bork nomination and the Anita Hill business. It’s a wonder they still get anybody who’s willing to go through that, especially for the non-Supreme Court seats.


It certainly is about the candidate’s views on legal issues. If, for instance, Kavanaugh somehow said he was approving of racial profiling by police, that would reflect on his fitness to judge cases involving racial profiling.


You seem to be making a case for the subjective following of Senate rules. If not, then what is the new objective standard to replace the one currently in place regarding the release of classified documents?


I don’t think it was Cory Booker in a vacuum to decide to release this, nor do I think that those that conspired to release the documents chose Sen Booker by accident. The Democrats would love for “racist white Republicans” to censure one of the only three black senators. I’m sure the talking points using the word “lynching” have already been distributed ready for use. The censure of a black 2020 presidential candidate would certainly help his electoral bid.


I disagree with you, since I was taught the above by my former boss, a Democratic federal appellate judge (Carter appointee) and former deputy Solicitor General. A wonderful mentor who influenced my thinking on many things.

Have a nice day.


My understanding is that Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would be the end, not only of civilization by the repeal of Rowe, but of the planet through rampant climate change. Booker, justifiably, feels that any means necessary are warranted to stop such an outcome.


This issue is now moot since the documents in question have now been vetted by Justice and are officially no longer marked as " committee confidential".


Looks like they were approved for release before Booker had his “I am Spartacus” moment. IOW, he was just grandstanding…


Just like all politicians, including Trump, do.



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