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This is a book that has been around for a while, but it is being given new publicity as the article describes. Please be informed and know how to refute the errors if you should hear this “Course in Miracles” discussed. It is pure New Age, and worse. I can just hear Fr. Pacwa now! (He wrote a book about the New Age.)

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve emailed it on…

In my past, I’ve read a lot of new age books. But I’ve never read so much Anti-Christ stuff as outlined in this book.

New Age feels good. It’s not the truth. Satan has a strong hold on this movement.

Unfortunately this is just but one of the many misguided books/philosophies that Oprah has bought into and pushed on her viewers. A few years ago she used to have New Age author Gary Zukov on her show quite frequently. She pushed him a lot but I haven’t heard her speak about him in years. Recently she’s promoted “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert and a book(s) by Eckhardt Tolle. Although I have not read any of these books, I’ve seen enough from her shows and her message boards to know they are not appropriate, or healthy, in regard to the truths of Christianity. It makes me so sad that people are enthused by these books and buy into them hook, line, and sinker. I could go on and on about this subject…

I don’t think any serious seeker would accept this watered down garbage. It could be dangerous for those who don’t really care anyway, but they never cared anyway. The Da Vinci code was much worse because it tried to portray itself as historical.

Thanks for posting this, sphilomena. I had heard about this & knew to be suspicious of it, but I didn’t really know anything about it. Thanks for the link. It was really informative.

Hello. Am new to the forum, but several years ago I was going to meetings at a religious house and they were offering workshops in A Course of Miracles. What’s up? Has anyone writing on this forum read this?

My aunt, who’s run the spectrum from almost coming back to the Church to Joel Olsteen to thinking about being a minister in the Unity Church, did the Course in Miracles right after her first husband died of cancer and she was a young widow. She lent me the main book, which was in a 3-ring binder. It’s a nut piece, pure and simple!!! I don’t have time to get into a heavy-duty discussion on it these days, but my best advice is PLEASE DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY AND ENDANGER YOUR SOUL!!! Oprah might have more money than the rest of us, but that does not make her the smartest woman in America. If Oprah would stick to novels and light reading, we would all be better off.

Did you go to the blog, the link I gave in the first post? It has a lot of quotes, details, etc. To read the book itself is exposing oneself to great evil.

Its not coming up on my computer.:frowning: It might be my computer’s fault and not the link though.

Just found it by typing in the name of the
Parents Geeks & God

See the second entry on the blog, from Feb. 20.

Thank you very much. I got it now.:slight_smile:

Yes, I read it years ago.

It’s basically the result of direct revelation.

(As Catholics we know that folks who are not exposed to the Gospel, can still be saved by means of Invincible Ignorance. God does seek out the 99th sheep.)

So, while COM is basically the easy way to illumination (by the way there is no easy way), we would gain better results by cutting it some slack. Our first responsibility imho is to extend the hand of friendship and to hold up the Light of Jesus by living the Gospel – rather than yabbering about it.

I met the author. Was it Marianne Williamson? She struck me as exceptionally humble.

Someone asked her how to help the homeless and she gave one of the most Christian answers I could possibly imagine. She told us a story of her own encounter with a homeless man. Only one man. And she spoke with him at length, giving him positive feedback on who he was to her. What he looked like, the intelligence of his words, the beauty of his presence on the planet. Things like that.

It seems that being seen in that way, having those kinds of expectations placed on him – that is, the expectation of living a genuine life – resulted in a slow but steady emergence from street life and into a job, into a home, into a family, and so on.

I – and several of my Christian friends – have some worries about Oprah’s choices however. Why aren’t we seeing the Pope on the Oprah show?

I am surprised that you would defend a “revelation” that someone says is from Jesus, and tells us that there is no need for salvation from our sins, repentance, etc. We are supposed to defend Truth and warn others about anything that puts their souls in danger. This “revelation” is everything the Church condemns.

Another thread about this has an EWTN link where Fr. Groeschel discusses the woman who “channeled” this book, and he calls it diabolical.

I am not defending the revelation per se. Merely that people from all walks of life are searching for the truth. Part of the spirit of ecumenism is to respect where folks are on their learning curve and try to get along in friendship.

My boundaries are when folks cast the Church in a false and damaging light.

Who knows? The COM may be an incremental step for some to come to the fullness of the truth. Imagine the beach barbecue when Marianne Williamson takes the swim. (Across the Tiber, that is.)


By the way, why aren’t we seeing the Pope on the Oprah show?

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