BOOKS: A Song of Fire and Ice

I’ve been a fan of the tv show since it first aired last year, and with now the long wait for season 3, I have started reading the series. I’m still only on page 240 in book 1, but so far I cannot put the book down. It is an amazing, well written series. It’s been years since I last read a truely good fantacy novel.
So for those that have read (or like me, are reading) the series, please feel free to talk about it here.
One plot point I find fasinating is Jon Snow and who his mother might be. My belief is that his mother is Lyanna Stark.

…but that would mean Ned Stark had an incestuous relationship with his sister. Are you thinking he has another father?

The books are awesome.

It’s actually my theory as well. No, it wouldn’t be incest. Jon wouldn’t be Ned’s son at all.

“Promise me” his sister had said, apparently while dying. He did, and he fulfilled that promise, though it cost him so much. But what was the promise, and what did it cost him? We never find out in the first book.

Was it to raise her son as if he was his own bastard son? Because her son was a Targaryen and therefore would otherwise be killed by Robert and/or the Lannisters? Did he then live the rest of his life honoring that promise, while it strained his marriage and while everyone mocked him as a hypocrite because he had supposedly done this one dishonorable thing?

Then again there’s a different answer given later on in the series, but I still think it’s a false clue.

By the way, though I got drawn into the books I don’t think they are a very morally or spiritually beneficial use of one’s time.

That’s a good theory. I’m kind of sad that I read this thread though, because I’ve only finished the first two books, and if that it was happens, I won’t be surprised when I find out now.

No, I think Ned is his uncle. I think Jon is the product of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.
Just the way Ned never talks about the mother and keeps remembering her saying “promise me”.

I’m not very concerned whether it’s morally or spiritually uplifting. I like reading fiction, and I’ve read much worse than this. I get my spiritual uplifting with my faith, not my choice of entertainment;)

I came up with the theory while reading the first book. I’ve read the first four, and so far the support for the theory has only weakened, not strengthened as far as I can tell, though I personlly suspect the author just did that to keep the reader guessing.

One thing I’m unclear on, probably just due to insufficiently attentive reading, is did Rheagar marry Lyanna?

No. From what I know from reading online, Rheagar was married to someone else, but fell in love with Lyanna. What is still unclear is whether Lyanna was likewise in love with him and went with him willingly, or whether Rheagar kidnapped and raped her.

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BOOKS: A Song of Fire and Ice

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