BOOKS: "A World Away" by T.J. Smith - thoughts?

I just finished reading this a couple of days ago and didn’t find any posts on any of the boards at CAF. I had heard Mr. Smith on Teresa Tomeo’s radio program a few weeks ago and ordered the book. Teresa had described it as a “must read” which I think might be a bit of a reach. I didn’t realize at the time that it was trilogy and enjoyed the book but didn’t really like the way it ended. I honestly thought the ending might be suitable for the ending of a chapter but not a book! I’d still recommend reading it but just be aware of this fact when you get started. I think teenagers would especially enjoy it. For what it’s worth, the author works for the Archdiocese of Denver (fundraising) and the family of the main character are devout Catholics.

If’ you’ve read it, I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

I am a teenager who read the book “A World Away” and I LOVED it! The only part I was dissapointed about was that the ending left me hanging and I can’t find book two. Do you know if it is for sale yet?

It looks like it has not been published yet as the next book is not yet listed at the publisher’s site at I was thinking about this book the other day; I hope the second book comes out before I forget the story!

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