Books about modern saints!

Im looking to get a few books for my friends birthday. She asked me, whether i could get her a something on modern day saints! The first thing that I thought of was - ‘Rachel’s tears’ and ‘She said yes’ - the 2 books on teen saints who died in the columbine massacre. However, I just got informed that she already owns those 2 books. She is currently 20 and she wants me to buy any other books on those 2 martyrs or possibly any young saint within this time period.
suggestions are much appreciated?!!?!

  • fanny

Try My Life With the Saints by James Martin, SJ. If I remember right he includes a couple non-saints (non-canonised, anyway) like Dorothy Day, but o/wise very good.
Fr. Martin is, or has been an editor of America, but don’t hold that against him, I’ve read some of his columns and he seems very good.

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