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Hi everyone,
Anyone know of some really good books about Padre Pio? I have wanted to know more about him for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. What are the best books about him? Also, any good collections of his writings maybe as well?
Thank you for any suggestions.
God bless you. Amen.

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Books always have the opportunity to delve deeper into events than movies, but I still strongly recommend watching Carlo Carlei’s Padre Pio: Miracle Man.


An excellent and stirring movie.

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I have actually seen this. Possibly one of the best movies I have ever seen in my opinion. I felt the acting was excellent, which kind of surprised me, because I don’t speak Italian, and needed the subtitles. I wouldn’t expect to be able to judge the acting in a language I don’t understand. But yea, this movie is actually one of the reasons I want to know more about Padre Pio. I honestly thought this movie would be long and boring and I thought the acting would be dull, but I was very surprised.

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I’d like to know - one - really good book too.
I’ve heard many wonderful and unusual things about him.
I’ve read a few of his more popular quotes too.
Seen the movie. Pretty good.
Many churches have three foot statues of Pio -

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I’ve read quite a few, there are many stories about him and some of them may be apocryphal however I found two which I would recommend.

Padre Pio: the true story. C.Bernard Ruffin. (Very good, very believable) if you can only afford one then I’d choose this one.

Bring me your guardian Angel, by Fr Alessio Parente OFM Cap. He looked after St Pio for some time at the monastery. This was expensive for me but a gem I shall cherish for life.

If you look online there are a couple of websites which have free content dealing with various stories about Padre Pio. I think there are also some published letters he wrote to his spiritual children somewhere too.

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I just bought both - for 9 bucks - free s/h too :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow! That’s a result! Congratulations I hope you really enjoy them :blush:

I think that’s how I got close to God -
following fast - all hunches - and suggestions
from others - and esp the Holy Spirit promptings.

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I really like (and apparently so so the reviewers on amazon) “Padre Pio’s Words of Hope”. This is by Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti. It’s a collection of thing’s he’s said as a response to common religious questions. I can’t really do the book justice by describing it, but agree with one description—it’s like sitting down and having a conversation with the saint. It’s not a biography, though.

One of the best books on Saint Padre Pio:

‘Padre pio the Irish connection’ by Colm Keane. (A book filled with recent testimonies of irish people cured by Padre pio’s intercession during his life, and even recently since his death, through dreams, his relics, a visit to his tomb etc)

Saint Gemma Galgani has a similar life story,
Also: St gerard Majella,
Saint John Bosco’s lifestory and ‘The Forty Dreams of Saint John Bosco’ (are absolutely amazing books about a priest who had the charism of dreams),

The BEST catholic book I have ever read is;
‘The Miracle Ship’ by Brian O’ Hare,

Other favourite books of mine:
‘Get us out of here’ by Maria Simma

The three free ebooks on

‘The Secret of the Rosary’ by St Louis de Monfort
‘True Devotion to Mary’ by St Louis de Monfort

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