Books about pro-life movement?


Can anyone recommend any books about the history or sociology of Catholics in the pro-life movement. I’m trying to see if there is enough literature out there to write a paper on this topic.


I did a literature search in grad school in 1989 and there was a wealth of information, I am sure there is a great deal more now. My overall topic was social protest movements in the US, my narrower topic, a comparison of political strategy and tactics used by pro-life and pro-abort organizations and their relative success or failure in affecting public perception, elections, and legislation.

books are great but, focus on journals in the field you are exploring


Hope this helps:

Get the movie Unborn in the USA at Netflix. It tells one aspect - rescues at clinics.(Operation Rescue)

Get in touch with your state Right to Life group and they can tell you their history of legislation and how they introduce it each year and also speak against pro-abortion legislation.

The yearly March for Life in D.C. has been going on for some time and it is basically run by Catholics.(National Right to Life-Nellie Gray)

Look for the names of the past presidents(Dr. Jefferson, Dr. Willke) of National Right to Life.

Older Catholic groups:

American Life League-
Pro-Life Action League (Joe Scheidler-Rico Lawsuit)
Dr. Willke - Life Issues Institute
Eagle Forum(Phyllis Schafly and ERA amendment)
Human Life International
Catholics United for Life
Women Affirming Life(may be local group)
Feminists for Life(mixed group)

Couple to Couple League(NFP and monthly magazine)

respect life groups in churches(early 1990’s sent in post cards for partial birth abortion)
Rachael’s Vineyard(post-abortion)

Life Cycle Books
Elliot Institute(Dr. Reardon) (post-abortion books)

Life Decisions(boycott of corporation funding PP)
Saint Antonius Institute(also did yearly books on corporations)


Dr. Nathanson original founder of NARAL and then long-time pro-life activist.(book)

Older Protestant groups:

American Family Association(Pastor Don Wildmon)
Dr. Dobson
Concerned Women of America
Missionaries of the Unborn

more great groups and pro-life people:

Traditional Family Property(older but got stronger with time)
Silent No More(post-abortive women)
Pharmacists for Life
Genocide Exhibits
Right to life groups at colleges
John Newman Society

Dr. Diane Irving(many papers on Bioethics)
Dr. John Wilke (Australia -(book on birth control)

Read the 700 page **Pro-abortion book by David Garrow, “Liberty and Sexuality” **and he gives you a history of Margaret Sanger’s movement and Anthony Comstock and the “Comstock Laws.”


Yes! I actually just finished a short book; Abortion: A Mother’s Pleas for Mathernity and the Unborn
by Marybeth T. Hagan

Available at

I found my copy at the local Catholic bookstore. It was $12.95.

What I liked about it was that it contained a lot of factual info, not just anecdotal stories. It’s only 114 pp, but has a good bibliography section. It’s the author’s own story of her research into why one should be pro-life. Ms. Hagan has a BS in journalism.

Included is the story of Norma McCorvey, “Roe” of Roe v Wade.

I hope you will find this useful!

God bless,


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