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Does anyone know if there are any good books or even online information (besides Acts of course!), preferably Catholic, which presents a biography of St. Paul and a history of his conversion and evangelisation? I am also interested in one with an apologetic work about his teachings, letters etc.


How about the New Testament?


I realize you are asking for historical, Catholic information; however, Paul, a Novel was a great read when I did a class on the Epistles of St. Paul. The author is Lutheran.
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What Paul Meant by Gary Wills


I’d recommend the Navarre Bible commentaries on Acts of the Apostles and Romans/Galatians. In addition to first rate, orthodox Catholic commentary on the text, they give superb background on St. Paul and his writings.


The article in the online Catholic Encyclopedia was written by the late Fernand Prat, S.J., one of the greatest authorities on St. Paul:

Fr. Prat’s two-volume work The Theology of St. Paul would be a good resource for deeper study, but would have to be sought through a used-book seller such as Loome Theological Books.


Thanks all. I will look at the online suggestion first and if needed look to those other sources


I would recommend “The Psychology of Paul: A Fresh Look at His Life and Teaching” by James R. Beck. Although it is published by a protestant publishing company (Kregel), a review in Catholic Library World says the author “utilizes his knowledge and experience as a psychologist to focus on Paul’s personality. The book is recommended for those who want to delve into St. Paul’s human aspects from a more modern approach. It will be even more fascinating to those readers who have an interest in psychology as well as Bible study.” Please keep us posted as to your learning about St. Paul.


If you know of N.T. Wright’s trilogy on Jesus, you know what a good writer he is. He has also written several books on Paul. I have not read them, but based on the Jesus books, I would recommend them anyway.


My priest recommended “Paul His Story” by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor. It is a wonderful narrative on Paul’s life.


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