BOOKS: Amish Grace

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I just began reading the book “Amish Grace”. It is about the Amish school shooting in October of '06. I am wondering if I had been involved in something similar, would I have had the grace to forgive as the Amish did.
How about you? Could you ?

It’s not like I would befriend the murderer of my children or have him to dinner.
But it’s for God to be his judge.
Any anger or hatred that I carry around weighs me down and hurts me even more.
Besides, any judgement or eternal damnation he would receive from God would pale in comparison to what I could do even if I had revenge in mind.

I think it would be tremendously difficult, but by God’s grace–I would find the will to forgive. I marveled at the strength of the injured family, and how quickly they forgave–it was a beautiful testimony of their faith.

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