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This is probably the best place to post this since I hope it will help others find out about the Catholic Church. I have read numerous books, including:

Crossing the Tiber, Surprised by Truth, Triumph, Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic, a few very basic books, the How-to-Guide to Mass, and my absolute favorite, Unabridged Christianity (a masterpiece IMHO). But I have a problem.

I have read conversion stories and they seem to pretty much be the same, a historical and biblical approach and finding the truth. I have also read books explaining what the Church teaches. Once again, all the same. I am really looking for a book with the author’s own thoughts and explanations as well as other authors thoughts thrown in. The only book I found like this was Unabridged Christianity. It had maps, graphs, explanations from all over. It was great. It explained pretty much almost all misconceptions protestants have. Does anyone know of a book similair to this?

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p.s. Went to Mass today…yayyy…and I got to be there for my first Holy Water Stick Thingy…where he throws it out from the little stick…Im sorry I dont know the name of it…but anyways he walked behind us and since I really didnt know what was going on I didnt expect alot…but the next thing I knew, my hair was soaked and my shirt was wet…I felt like a wet dog…and probably smelled like one…but I thought I would share that all with you…God Bless!


I believe it is called a scepter? I got some holy water on me today too!


The procedure is called the “Asperges”. I seem to recall that the implement is called an aspergil.P.S. You forgot “Not by Scripture Alone” : )


Not by Scripture alone??? Is that the book by Bob Sunegis(? spelling) I can already prove that *Sola Scriptura *is unbiblical within itself so I really do not have any problems with that. I really like books that are not too simple, yet they are not dry reading, such as, and no disrespect at all, the Cathechism. I use it mostly as a reference book. I guess I am tired of reading the same thing over and over again. I love the conversion stories and the apologetics but since I have read some and all the stories online, including Scott Hahns abridged version, I have become slightly bored with them. They are all wonderful and amazing, and the same goes for apologetics I feel. I have been told I need to read Catholicism and Fundamentalism and some of Dave Armstrong’s material. I still say though that the best book I have read by far is Unabridged Christianity by Fr. Romero. My professor read part of it and did not care for it but he is a Princeton and Emory educated Presbyterian minister who speaks 8 languages. There are some things you can’t learn in a classroom though (common sense, or Catholicism=Christ, while protestantism=Schism) But that is just my two cents!

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Be assured that there is so much to read in the Catholic Church, you really can’t get to the end of it.
You have…
Conversion stories (these are great for inspiration but not usually the best for the meat and potatoes as they are usually more about the journey and conversion itself.
Saints Lives (these are good for examples of Christian life, how people have overcame tremendous obstacles to do God’s will and how we can apply their lives or examples to our own lives.
Apologetics works (this is good for resolving the problems you might have with the faith, these usually explain the faith in a way for people to understand it properly)
And so much more that I don’t have time to categorize.

Have you read the Catholic Controversy this is a collection of writings by Saint Francis? Good stuff.
You have the collection of Early Church Fathers by Jurgens. These are some big thick books that can take a lot of time to read.
There is so much you really can break the bank, I do budget my purchases of books each month. Then in addition to books you have tapes\cd’s and videos from places like and more.

Good luck in your reading and journey, enjoy our rich, rich faith and all the beauty of it.


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