BOOKS: Angel in the Waters

Angel in the Waters is a simple,
non-confrontational book that makes young children decidedly pro-life long before they ever hear the word “abortion.” It convinces many mothers contemplating abortion to keep their babies. In just two minutes, you can read the whole book online.

I was wondering what this book was like! Now I can read it online. It looks like a beautiful book to read to small children.

We have a copy. I absolutely love it. The story is simple yet heartwarming, and the pictures are really cute. I love the depiction of the angel.

I strongly recommend it.

My daughters (ages 4 and 6) LOVE this book. Everytime I read it with them when I was pregnant with my son, I had tears streaming down my face. BEAUTIFUL book!!!

It’s beautiful; just what a children’s book ought to be. I’m crying a little.

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