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If you are looking for a great gift idea for Christmas for that Catholic man in your life please check out Angels In Iron by Nicholas Prata.

I enjoyed this book so much I have been telling all my friends about it. The story is about the Muslim siege on Malta in the 1500s and the absolutely heroic defense of the island by the outmanned, outgunned, yet faith-filled knights of The Hospitallers.

The action is riveting and you can’t wait to see what will happen next—even if you already know the outcome of the battle.

The battle was one of a couple which is acknowledged to have saved Europe from Islam, and the heroism of Grand Master Vallette and his knights will stay with you long after you read the final page.

Incidentally, the book is good for all Christians and others. I bought one for my friend who has been asking me questions about the faith. He absolutely loved it and has been drawn closer to Catholicism because of this book.

Some women would like this book too, but I’d say it is more of a guy’s book. If you have a Catholic male you are shopping for or a husband who you are trying to get re-excited about the faith—get this great book.

Read the uniformly great customer reviews at Amazon. Wonderful, exciting, inspiring book.

Thx…added it to my Wish List. :slight_smile:

I also strongly suggest The Secret Cardinal

Outstanding novel!! On par with Tom Clancey novels, but very Catholic - fast paced and great character development.

:thumbsup::thumbsup: Two thumbs up!!


Thanks! I think I’ll check out both of them!

Just promoting this wonderful book by bumping the thread.

Angels In Iron by Nicholas Prata

Buy it for that Catholic male in your life or for someone who you wish to influence into thinking more about the faith.

Read the reviews on Amazon. Great book.

I am on it…sounds like something I would be interested in…thanks

Once again, that great book is called Angels In Iron by Nicholas Prata. :thumbsup:

Read the reviews at Amazon. :flowers::aok:

Angels In Iron by Nicholas Prata

Thanks to those in the Templar thread for coming over. Here is the description of the Prata book:

The year is AD 1523 and the island of Rhodes has just fallen to the Turks. Those sailing away in defeat from this captured bastion are members of an anachronistic crusading order called the Knights of St. John – otherwise known as the Hospitallers. Among the dejected company is a stalwart young knight named Jean Parisot De La Valette. Were it up to him, the order would have defended the island to the bitter end. Forty-two years later, history has repeated itself. The Hospitallers are again besieged by the teeming armies of the relentless Turk. Their tiny island-fortress of Malta is all that stands between the armies of Suleiman and the very heart of Christendom. But this time the scenario is different – La Valette wears the Grand Master’s cape. Behind him stand the knights of his faithful order: men of incredible valor ready to “strike a blow for Christ” and sacrifice their lives to halt the invading Turks at the gates of Europe. What follows is a desperate struggle between East and West, Cross and Koran, faith and despair. Angels in Iron is based on the actual events surrounding the Siege of Malta in 1565. Nicholas C. Prata relates the tale in riveting and graphic prose which brings the extreme heroism of the knights and the unimaginable horror of combat sharply into focus. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure.

Angels in Iron was an excellent book, but I’d like to caution those readers with weaker stomaches, the violence described within is the sort that Tarantino dreams of.

Really, really, really brutally violent.

I recently saw a book at Barnes and Noble called ‘Angels in Iron’ by a Nicholas Prata, and I was tempted to buy it, because it looked at the seige of Malta from a Catholic perspective.

However, in today’s climate, you cannot be too sure of that. I had someone tell me that ‘The Golden Compass’ and ‘The Da Vinci Code’ had a Catholic perspective too.

So, I would like to know if anyone has read this book, and if they could give me their view on it.

I have not read the book, but you could read the first 50 some pages to see what you think before you buy it here.

Also, has some customer reviews you could read.

Angels In Iron is a GREAT book.

It’s a fantastic page-turner and faithful to the Church.

Read the customer reviews on Amazon.

I’ve been talking about that book since last Dec.–check out the thread here:

This book is nothing whatsoever like the mindless, pointless violence Tarantino promotes.

Nothing whatsoever.

What a frustrating and demeaning analogy!

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check it out next time I go shopping. :thumbsup:

Angels In Iron:

Now you can check out the book :wink:

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