BOOKS: Arms Of Love

I just finished reading Arms Of Love and Surrender, two WONDERFUL books by Carmen Marcoux. I think every young person should read these books! They have been so helpful to me as I am starting to explore the dating world.

Has anyone else read these books? Your thoughts? :slight_smile:

What are they about? :slight_smile:

It’s a novel about a young catholic woman who meets a man who’s life is full of worldly pleasures and has no faith. It’s about their courtship, chastity and his conversion. It’s just a wonderful book that shows a great example of a holy romance. It’s kind of written for teens and young adults but I think everybody should read it! Very refreshing. :thumbsup:

Oh my goodness yes I do love these books! So much.:love: I’ve heard that Mrs. Marcoux is writing a third one! I can’t wait - I’m sure it will be wonderful! :slight_smile:

Ah yeah i love those books!

Heard great things about these books. Haven’t read them myself, however.

sorry I know this is an old thread.... but I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!! Its too bad she can't afford to write a third :(

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