BOOKS: Bad Catholic's Guide to Good Living

The Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living?


The Bad Catholic’s Guid to Wine, Whiskey & Song?

I just bought the Wine, Whiskey & Song one it is a very light hearted. A lot of the subtle jokes are pretty amusing. The recipes in the book do look tempting to try. I will most likely get the first book after I finish this one. To think this may be the first book I’ll actually have read in about 10 years.

Anyway its a pretty good book lots of laughs and good times.

Without having any further information about that book, that title would tend to make me uninterested in reading that book. I understand some people have a similar initial reaction to the ___ for Dummies series.

I have “A Bad Catholic’s Guide to Good Living” by the same authors. I’m looking forward to adding their new book to the collection. I found their first book highly orthodox with just enough loving irreverence to make it truly enjoyable. And some of the names of the recipes–East Bunny Fricasse and Resurrection Cheese Cake, for example.:yup:

There you go. Now I have some more information indicating that this might be a book worth reading. (I presume you meant Easter Bunny Fricassee.)

I own The Bad Catholics Guide to Good Living and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It surprisingly is informative and the humor is quite funny and clean (not commonly found now-a-days especially pertaining to Catholicism). I personally enjoy The Seven Deadly Courses for an All Hallows’ Eve Celebration.

I have the “Guide to Good Living” and will get the 2nd book one of these days. I don’t cook or anything like that so I’m wondering if there is more the to “Wine, Whiskey & Song” than recipes. Is it about the same as the first book?

The “Guide to Good Living” made me laugh till I cried and made several thoughtful points about Catholic teaching I’d never heard/read before. I like the “irreverant, but never blasphemous” approach the authors take.

Has anyone else read this yet?

lol… no but i like the title.:thumbsup:

I have not read it but believe there is large audience for this book in America and Europe.

I refuse to buy any — for Dummies or — for Complete Idiots. I’ve almost broken down & bought Catholicism for Dummies which I understand is excellent, but not yet.

Btw, it’s interesting that the publisher thought prefixing “Bad Catholic’s” was smart marketing, though I’m sure advertising dept’s instinct that “The Good Catholic’s Guide” would flop was probably correct.

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