BOOKS: Beastly and I am Number Four

These are the next two books in a homeschooled girls book club my daughters have joined.
Has anyone read them?

Any thoughts?

I know that Alex Pettyfer is in both of the films, Beastly is a modern version of Beauty And The Beast, with Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a cool idea and all, both of these films are aimed at teenagers, probably older children as well. I avoid films like that.

I don’t know anything about “Beastly.” But, when my 13-year old son read “I Am Number Four,” both my husband and I read it. It is a quick read and entertaining enough, I suppose, though I did not like the denouement at all. It was just too weird and fanstasy-like to me. As far as having any value, I would say the book is total fluff.

I was worried at first that it would be really violent, considering the opening scene in the hut, but it was not what I feared, though there was fighting, violence and death in the book. Also, when the main character became involved with a girl, I was afraid that there might be sex in the book. There was one occasion with the two characters on a bed together kissing and laying together and some kissing on other occasions.

My son read it first before my husband and I read it. If we had read it first, I still think we would have let him read it, though I wasn’t thrilled with the opening scene in the hut and the kissing in the bedroom scene. The bedroom scene was very near where I would draw the line for my son.

OP, here is a link to a review of “I Am Number Four” that you might find helpful. It reminded me that the language was reflective of the culture we live in.

And, here is one to a review of “Beastly” too:

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