Books by and about Mother Teresa

I’m reading In the Heart of the World by Mother Teresa (or at least a collection of her thoughts, stories, and reflections). It is very inspiring.

I’ve also browsed and read some of her other works. Is anyone else a fan of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and her writing?

In particular, her love of Jesus and her devotion to His children among the poor and suffering is inspirational and an exemplary model for us to follow. I now humbly ask her to pray for me to accept suffering as part of our duty and love of God.

I’m looking forward to your comments.

God bless,

Read "Come and be my Light"!

It is a very moving book about her "dark night".

This book gave me a whole new appreciation and understanding of this beautiful woman.

Thank you for the recommendation. I will read that one next.

One thing I noticed/observed about Mother Teresa is her obedience to the Church. Sometimes, I meet missionaries or people who help the poor who kind of put the poor “ahead” of the Church while it seems (at least in my humble opinion) that Blessed Mother Teresa embraces both as interlinked - e.g. You cannot fully serve the poor without witnessing to Jesus’ Gospel and consequently, His Church and you cannot be a serve Jesus Christ and the Church without serving the poor and helpless. Such a beautiful model of piety, suffering, sacrifice, and love of our Lord. :slight_smile:

God bless,

Just finished In the Heart of the World. Quick read (even though it took me a couple weeks) and very good. Highly recommended.

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